Warranty Term & Condition

Inmacus warrants that our optical and accessories products for smartphone and tablet (hereby collectively referred to as ‘Product’) against defects in MATERIAL AND WORKSMANSHIP, subjected to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The warranty is valid for 12 months from date of invoice
  2. The warranty will cease to be validunder any of the below stated event(s):
    • Abuse or misuse
    • Negligence caused by user
    • Repaired or modified of the Product by any person not authorized by Inmacus
    • Improper handling
    • Finishing or exterior of the Product
    • Improper or lack of maintenance
    • Corrosion caused by battery leakage
    • Fungus caused by inappropriate storage condition
    • Self attempt to dismantle the Product
    • Usage  on other equipments, smartphone or tablet which it is not intended for
    • Damage, loss or malfunction arising from or related to Act of God, fire, liquids, chemicals, excessive heat, incorrect power supply
    • Expiry of the 12 months warranty period
    • Valid only for end consumer and is non transferable
    • Company ceases operation
  3. Inmacus reserve all rights to terminate the warranty at its sole discrete without prior notice.
  4. If the Products defect is due to manufacturing defects, Inmacus will replace and ship the replacement to the customer at freight prepaid.
  5. Accessories which are included together with the Products (if any) including adaptors, case and caps are not covered under warranty.